Summer Camp 2020: High School: Malibu

  Malibu June 6 to June 14
Malibu is incredible.  We take a plane, a bus, a ferry, another bus, and then board the Malibu Princess for our final 3 hour cruise to camp.  Well, hardly a camp, more like a resort.   The week will be amazing. Everything you need to have the "time of your life" will be provided, except for some spending money for snacks and at the camp store and travel meals.
 REGISTER HERE and get your deposit in ASAP so we can book your flight and save your spot at camp. 

Online Health and Consent Form​ Fill out online only.

Malibu Border Crossing Consents.xlsmMalibu Border Crossing Consents.xlsm (print out, fill out, sign, get to leader.
Paying for Camp:   Pay Here​.  Put in our zip code, the name of your school, and the week of camp, which is June 7 to June 13.  (We leave the 6th and back on the 14th)

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